Friday, November 20, 2009


Born in a far province were technology is hard to reach. But trough my determination I have learned more than technology.
The mystery of the song which church choir's sing and the mysterious taste of the wine which the priests drinks every mass and the questions about religion which puts me into a state of finding the religion to where i belong.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic but having so many questions about churches and why there are different religion.
When I have reached the age of 14 I became one of the million members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but still searching and looking for the answers to my question and my journey of finding my path begins.

I have decided to take Wicca as my path. Why? Because I have found happiness I have found love and light. Only one major law of the wiccan rede wake me "an ye harm none do what ye will" which other religion don't have these why? because they are throwing trashes into one another.
If your god teaches you to judge others for their beliefs then what kind of God is your god? Our God teaches us Love, Balance and harmony. teaching us to love and beloved helping others in what way.

Argumentation about religions only create hate and hate is not a family value and hate creates evil.
It is how wonderful how good people spend their time fighting evil but if they spend and if you spend the same time loving your fellowmen evil will die with its own tracks of ennui.

~~In the name of Love and Light~~

I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am not claiming to be a psychic because I am a psychic and God has created me this way.

I started to embark into the path of paganism when I was 14 years of age and I receive my first training in the Blessed Circle of the Almighty-Luntiang Aghama where I learned more.

Now I am taking a solitary path having nature and environment as my mentor and my spirit guide and God as my guide.

My friends often come to me asking for guidance and before there is someone who left my his wife and i communed with divine forces for his will to take back his wife but i suffered. My ability is depleted for some long time and now I have it back,

I am not making my story for you to believe but will you try?

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