Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Tabor Meditation Formula

Please sit in a comfortable position, wearing loose clothing. Find somewhere for your hands to rest comfortably - you must sit still. Aromatherapy or candles may help calm or relax you into a better state for practice.

Stage One - Simple Breathing

Lower your gaze, fixing it upon your navel. Breathe in an even, gentle manner, with medium sized breaths. Try to focus on your breathing only. (The mind is said to wander every 10 seconds, practice the first stage until you have it down).

Stage Two - Awareness Of Light

Entering into the second stage of the meditation, on an in-breath be aware of a nebulous radiation of golden light, which is also radiation of love, from just below your sturnum, forming a cloud midway between your navel & your chin. Be aware of the light, of it being illuminated, & let be with you. If your attention is still straying, use the same technique as above, focus on your breathing.

Stage Three - Silent Utterance

Retaining awareness of your breathing & of the light, silently utter mantrams - phrases or single words which you feel to be suited to your meditation. Formulate each single word in your mind, with no vocalization or moment of the mouth. You will need two mantrams to use together. One for the in-breath, & one for the out-breath. Their purpose is to express in brief compass, something of your essential relationship with the Cosmos.


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